Customer stories

Perfetti Van Melle

“Now we can fully control our own and out-staff field sales force. KPIs reflect to the reality in stores!”
Rustem Kharisov
Sales Director, Perfetti Van Melle

Reduced audit time


OSA improved in agreed period


Merchandising agencies are fully integrated into one platform


Perfetti Van Melle Group B.V. is a privately held Italian global manufacturer of confectionery and gum.

Perfetti Van Melle is the third largest confectionery manufacturer in the world after Mondelēz International and Mars, Incorporated. It employs 17,000 people via 30 subsidiary companies and distributes its products in over 159 countries.


  • Perfetti Van Melle has internal and outsource sales team (sales and merchandisers)
  • Motivation of merchandising agencies is based on KPIs achievement
  • KPIs were calculated based on manual and not reliable retail audit data
  • Perfetti Van Melle Management team considered 95% as a real On Shelf Availability level for many years and did not see opportunity to boost sales through better merchandising
  • Sales team did not spend much time to fill in shelf reports and just put in relevant numbers


  • In 12 months after implementation On Shelf Availability was improved by 22 % points
  • On Shelf Availability measurement time was reduced from 45 mins to 10 mins in average
  • Our Merchandising agencies are fully integrated into one platform so we can see the whole picture of OSA performance


Ailet provided new generation retail execution solution which is designed to help sales force to improve On Shelf Availability. The system calculates KPIs automatically based on fast and accurate image recognition engine. Sales representative can check immediately Out of Shelf and fix it.


After pilot project, the results exceeded by far the minimum target and now Perfetti Van Melle Group B.V. with Ailet gives their staff ability to raise the benchmark and achieve desired KPI’s.